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Experience flying like never before in this all new action packed flying adventure with stunning visuals!

Soar through beautiful islands to rescue the Oddwings from the clutches of the evil Dr. Rooster, and solve fun and challenging physics based flying puzzles!

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An All New Flying Adventure!

A genre blending flying game with beautiful and colorful graphics, and high quality character design and animations. Taking casual mobile games to new heights!

Constant Asynchronous Multiplayer

Beat your friends' best scores even when you're offline! Multiplayer can be enjoyed without a constant internet connection, just remember to connect your Facebook account to Oddwings Escape!

Discover Secret Paths & Avoid Tricky Hazards

Maneuver your way through Dr. Rooster's dangerous traps and obstacles: air bombs, poison gases and other exotic perils.

Explore Beautiful Islands

Solve fun and challenging flying puzzles while making your way through the various islands in the game.

Rescue The Wacky Oddwings From Evil Dr. Rooster's Lab

Flying with every Oddwing feels different and they all have their own special powers, such as Speed Boost and Teleport.


The Evil Dr. Rooster has captured all kinds of birds and animals into his sinister laboratory up in the mountains, and he's conducting evil experiments on them to learn how to fly himself.

Frankie escapes from the mad doctor's lab and it is your job to maneuver him through Dr. Rooster's traps and obstacles, and rescue the rest of the Oddwings!

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FRANKIE was the very first Oddwing to escape from the clutches of evil Dr. Rooster! He might not be the fastest or smartest, but he's really good for any challenge you may face!
FREEDA is a spry and small Oddwing who can easily maneuver her way through Dr. Rooster's sinister traps and machinations. Thanks to her Extra Life power, she can turn the tide in dire situations.
BRAINY is… well the brains of the bunch. His big brain makes him a bit slow but his telekinetic powers allow him to collect items from every nook and crannie! Use his Super Magnet power and see for yourself!
RAMSES may look ancient, but don't let that fool you, he is a gliding expert who excels in races. With his Teleport special power, RAMSES can nearly reach the speed of light! Just remember to brake!
ALEX is the rock star of the Oddwings. She's got a fiery spirit, and things either go her way or the highway. When she gets really pumped up, she uses her Speed Boost power to blast through levels.
Flying with a penguin strapped to a jetpack is a whole new flying experience altogether! ROCKY has a shield that gives him the extra protection his crazy maneuvers require.
The infamous DR. ROOSTER has always wanted to fly but has never been able to figure out how. This and his insanity led him to capture a huge group creatures to experiment on. Who knows what kind of crazy things he has locked up in his lab.



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